Is your knowledge all over the map?
Guide everyone to the same place

The Enterprise Knowledge Hub provides a single source for all your knowledge

  • Improves all your channels
  • Boosts agent effectiveness
  • Increases company productivity and efficiency

    Think Big – Discover the Possibilities of SmartService

    Making your people, customers and support organization smarter with cloud-based knowledge management technology and Knowledge as a Service (KaaS) from the experts.

      Your World, Our Technology –
      Always the Perfect Fit

      RightAnswers seamlessly integrates with any CRM, ITSM or other enterprise software

      • Keep the systems you know and love
      • Streamline your agents’ work with inline integration
      • Find knowledge faster

        Serious about KCS?
        We Are.

        Get the only system-agnostic knowledge management platform that’s KCS Verified V5

        • Improve your productivity and efficiency
        • Increase first-call resolution rates
        • Reduce average call time

          Your numbers not measuring up? 
          Try ours

          • 70%  reduction in average call time
          • 80%  increase in customer satisfaction
          • 73%  increase in successful searches
          • 35%  increase in service capacity
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