Unified Knowledge Platform

Are You Ready to Really Improve Your Service?

You are here because something you read, or someone told you that, RightAnswers Knowledge Management and Web Self-Service can make a positive impact on your service organization…And it is absolutely true

If you give it some thought, it is pretty obvious that there are three ways to really improve your service and your staff. You can hire agents that are subject matter experts on your products and services, hope your customers and employees are as smart as your agents. OR, you can provide your current agents, customers and employees with knowledge to answer questions at their fingertips…

It seems pretty obvious, implement knowledge management and self-service to optimize the systems you are currently using to power up your service.

The RightAnswers Unified Knowledge Platform is a unique combination of knowledge management software, knowledge automation, service and knowledge specifically designed to help enterprise organizations improve service through the management and sharing of knowledge.  The platform, whether delivered via the cloud or on-premise, allows you to build a more efficient service organization and deliver knowledge from throughout your enterprise to your customers, using the CRM, ITSM and other tools such as Chat that you currently have and those you may purchase in the future.