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find knowledge wherever it resides

Federated search displays knowledge from all your sources

Deliver all your enterprise knowledge in a single view

Every company has knowledge. And it’s stored in some of these places:

  • Networks and drives
  • Internal or external websites
  • Traditional relational databases
  • Third-party social forums such as Lithium, Jive and Yammer
  • Applications such as SharePoint, Confluence, Moodle and so on 


When you move to a knowledge management system, you don’t want to waste time recreating this knowledge or migrating it to your knowledge base.

With RightAnswers, you don’t have to.

RightAnswers integrates with any third-party system and delivers a consolidated view of all your knowledge. RightAnswers looks at all your knowledge holistically, accessing it all through the Enterprise Knowledge Hub. In a single search, it conducts a “federated search,” simultaneously searching for knowledge across all your sources.

RightAnswers serves up a veritable smorgasbord of enterprise knowledge in all its formats, such as Word docs, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, file shares, existing knowledge bases, etc. It presents consolidated results of all the knowledge, identifying the knowledge type.

By tracking and reporting on the most popular external knowledge, we provide a prioritized list of items that should be converted to native knowledge and stored in the knowledge base to improve overall customer service.