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we are passionate about knowledge

We ask ourselves one question:
What is best for our clients?

Our unique history provides unique value

Founded in 2001, RightAnswers started out creating knowledge for IT support. We soon saw the need for a search and delivery system addressing the specific needs of customer service and support organizations – so we developed one. We knew a lot about best practices for creating and finding knowledge, and we incorporated this expertise into the RightAnswers software for creating and consuming knowledge.

Flip around those digits, and by 2010, RightAnswers had expanded its offering and was being used by companies to share knowledge across the enterprise for customer service contact centers and customer self-service, internal IT Support and employee self-service, HR, Marketing, Finance, Legal, Product Management and other corporate applications.

Today we have surpassed our 450th customer working with RightAnswers as a trusted partner. We continue to evolve our product to improve the experience for our clients and for their customers, and we consistently win awards for our innovation and our contribution to the customer experience.

How we see it

Our goal is to transform your customer service and support operations to provide the best customer experience every time, through all your support channels. We enable organizations to elevate the customer experience through faster resolution of customer issues (and employees are also “customers” in our view).

It’s not enough to have knowledge; it has to be readily findable and usable. We teach your support agents and other knowledge authors to set up the knowledgebase and create high-quality knowledge based on your audiences’ needs.

We know you need more than a tool. You need processes, training and consultancy – and we provide these as well through our unique Client Success program. Our clients who adopt a knowledge culture have better results, and we show you how to focus on knowledge across the enterprise so you will achieve:

  • Higher first call resolution (FCR) rates
  • Faster time-to-resolution
  • Shorter training times for support agents
  • Higher deflection to self-service
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Increased customer satisfaction