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we are passionate about knowledge

We ask ourselves one question:
What is best for our clients?


Why RightAnswers

Your partner on your knowledge journey

RightAnswers transforms our clients’ productivity and efficiency through collaboration and creation, maintenance and search of corporate knowledge.

Why the focus on knowledge? Because providing the right answers to the right person at the right time improves customer and employee satisfaction.

Our goal is to empower you to scale cost-effectively and provide the best customer service every time, over all your channels.



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Scale for enterprise contact centers

RightAnswers technology scales to meet your needs regardless of your size, supporting clients with tens of thousands of customer service representatives. Our clients’ customers perform hundreds of millions of searches per year.

It’s not enough to have knowledge; it must be easy to find and use. We teach your agents and other knowledge authors to set up your knowledge base and create high-quality knowledge specific to your audiences’ needs. We give you powerful, scalable enterprise search so that your colleagues and your customers can easily find it, wherever it is stored.

With You Every Step Of The Way

At RightAnswers every single one of us is passionate about knowledge. It informs every function in the company, from Product Management to Product Development, to our Professional Services and Support organizations, to our Sales and Marketing teams. That experience and passion permeates everything we do as a business, and it distinguishes RightAnswers from all others in the market. It drives us in our belief that our customers’ success is fundamental to our success.



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