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Why RightAnswers

Your partner on your knowledge journey

Picture these scenarios:

  • A customer has a challenging product inquiry
  • Employees can’t find documents they need
  • A device fell off the network
  • Technicians need to repair machinery in the field

Your company probably already has the knowledge required to address nearly every issue. It may be in a structured knowledge base, and it may be in a variety of other locations: your intranet, SharePoint, shared network drives, email threads, applications such as Confluence or Jira, in subject matter experts’ heads, or even in your customers’ heads.

The challenge is finding that knowledge quickly and reliably to answer people’s questions.



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RightAnswers product offering

A product to meet your needs

At RightAnswers we’re passionate about knowledge. With RightAnswers Enterprise Knowledge software products you can create, find and collaborate on your corporate knowledge. You can deploy these modular products according to your specific needs:

  • Enterprise Knowledge Hub includes tools for knowledge creation, knowledge management, self-service and much more, for various audiences
  • Enterprise Search finds knowledge throughout your enterprise and uses machine learning to get smarter and become more effective over time
  • RightAnswers Community lets you set up social forums for customers, employees or specific groups of people so they can answer each other’s questions and contribute to your knowledge base

How we’re different

RightAnswers scales to meet the needs of the largest enterprises, with the ability to index and search more than a billion documents and support tens of thousands of customer service representatives. Our clients serve over 100 million self-service sessions per year to their customers.

Our products include features that support Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS), a set of practices for creating and maintaining knowledge. Gamification, automated Article Quality and other out-of-the-box features all contribute to your team’s adoption of knowledge and associated best practices.

We integrate with ServiceNow, Salesforce, NetSuite, and nearly any other application you’re using, to heighten collaboration and enable a centralized search for knowledge among all stakeholders. And our technology includes security features to ensure that specific items can be viewed only by those with permissions to view them, a very important consideration for HR and Finance-related documents.






Our Secret Sauce

We know you need more than just great tools. Our Client Success team understands the pressures you may face: Deploying a new technology while also adopting new processes can be daunting. They’ve coached hundreds of RightAnswers clients through the same process, and they will guide you starting with your deployment and throughout our relationship, focusing on your unique needs. They’re certified experts, and they’ll train you and your team to succeed.

Our unique history provides value

Founded in 2001, RightAnswers started out creating knowledge for IT support. We soon saw the need for a search and delivery system addressing the specific needs of customer service and support organizations – so we developed one. We knew a lot about best practices for creating and finding knowledge, and we incorporated this expertise into the RightAnswers software for creating and consuming knowledge.

Soon RightAnswers expanded its offering and was being used by companies to find knowledge and share knowledge across the enterprise for customer service contact centers and customer self-service, as well as for internal IT support and employee self-service. Today HR, Marketing, Finance, Legal, Product Management and other corporate departments benefit from RightAnswers Enterprise Knowledge software.


RightAnswers difference

500 clients and counting

We have surpassed our 500th customer working with RightAnswers as a trusted partner. We continue to evolve our product to improve the experience for our clients and for their customers, and we consistently win awards for our innovation and our contribution to the customer experience.

Contact us to learn how we can transform your customer service and support organization.

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