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Agent Experience

Increase the effectiveness of your live agents

customer service agents, knowledge management supportGood customer service has a significant effect on customer loyalty and satisfaction. Since most customers and employees still prefer to receive service by phone, your agents play an important role in your company image. You want your agents to get to productivity fast and to correctly answer questions quickly and efficiently. And agents want easy access to the answers and to benefit from other agents’ experience.

When you deliver SmartService™, you improve agent efficiency by making sure your agents have the complete body of knowledge they need and the tools to easily retrieve it.

Make Every Agent Your Best Agent

RightAnswers improves the agent experience with our Agent Portal, a user-friendly tool that presents everything agents need to do their job. It helps even your newest agents find answers fast – for example, by using the agent dashboard that presents FAQs and announcements; “search suggest”; solution formats such as decision trees; and agent forums, where agents help each other.

Further easing their work is our federated search that delivers all types of knowledge to your agents in one place.

By switching to RightAnswers, our clients have cut their agent training time by 66%, getting agents to productivity faster. The easy-to-use tools powered by good knowledge makes every agent your smartest agent. And when they do their job well, agents are happier and turnover is reduced by 70% – a boon for any manager.

Our Integration Framework provides seamless connectivity with your CRM, ITSM or other enterprise system, streamlining the workflow and easing the agents’ work. Agents search for knowledge and resolve incidents all on the same screen. Call handle time is reduced since RightAnswers automatically copies the solution into the ticket, eliminating the need to type.

With RightAnswers, our clients’ contact centers and service desks achieve:

  • 35% increase in first call resolution (FCR) rates
  • 50% reduction in escalations
  • Average speed of answers reduced from 7 minutes to 35 seconds

By improving your service metrics, your agents can be a critical differentiator to your organization.