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create videos on-the-fly

RightAnswers Video simplifies video creation, storage and sharing

Video enhances the customer experience

People like videos and have come to expect them. And often videos are the best way to impart the information. Video boosts customer service by increasing customer engagement, leading to higher customer satisfaction. RightAnswers’ video creation tool:

  • Is built into the RightAnswers authoring tool
  • Makes it easy to attach videos as solutions
  • Stores videos together with all other types of knowledge solutions


Agents can create videos on-the-fly while working with customers and deliver them as solutions.

RightAnswers Video Support & Customer Engagement SoftwareThe built-in tool simplifies video management and provides a storage area for your videos. Agents can use RightAnswers Video to:

  • Record themselves talking
  • Show a product or capture their screen
  • Create tutorials

Whichever type of video they create, it provides a personalized customer experience. You can even upload videos taken on a mobile device. The videos you create in RightAnswers can be stored as solutions for reuse. Likewise, you can upload existing videos in any format and attach them to solutions.