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RightAnswers Organizes Chatbot Development Challenge

RightAnswers hosted a chatbot development competition where university students developed a chatbot that solved real-world customer service issues.

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Restaurant review CX

Customer Service and Customer Experience – How Do The...

Is there a difference between customer service and the customer experience? If so, what is it?

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Support communities

3 Ways RightAnswers Revolutionizes Customer Support Com...

Provide the best customer experience by integrating all your support channels.

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5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Creating a Customer Support Co...

Learn which issues to avoid before rolling out a community for customer support.

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The Next Frontier in Self-Service: Peer-to-Peer Support...

What are the different types of support communities and why should you start one?

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Self-service suport on the rise

Customers Prefer to Find the Answers Themselves

Self-service has become the preferred channel of customer support. Find out why, and what you should do about it.

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justifying km

How to Justify the Investment in Knowledge Management

The more complex your environment, the more knowledge management will contribute to improving your customer support.

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Customer Service Transformation Requires Change – Tha...

Looking to transform your customer support? Find out the two main areas on which you should focus.

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What’s new in KCS v6

KCS is not just for support anymore! Find out why the CSI developed KCS v6 and how it changes the approach to knowledge creation.

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4 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Knowledge Base

There is more to maintaining a knowledge base than just providing good, useful content.

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