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Go Social to Harvest the Vast Knowledge of Your Customers and Experts

social knowledge managementSocial is an increasingly important support channel. It gives your agents and customers real-time access to others’ expertise. And it gives socially savvy customers service in a way they prefer to receive it.

But social knowledge doesn’t mean your traditional knowledge should go out the window. Your goal is to answer the questions posed by those you serve. Whether those answers are solutions developed by your agents and knowledge workers or answers suggested from one customer to another, if they’re correct and solve issues they are valuable. RightAnswers helps you consolidate the best answers, be they traditional or social in origin.

RightAnswers social and traditional knowledge work hand-in-hand, complementing each other to ensure the most comprehensive body of knowledge for your customers. We enable you to turn social conversations into knowledgebase solutions. In this way, knowledge from social collaboration adds to your traditional knowledge.

With RightAnswers you can push traditional knowledge over social channels for customers who want to consume it there, and you can turn knowledge communicated socially into solutions stored in the knowledgebase.

Another great thing about the link between social and traditional knowledge management in RightAnswers is trackability. Social interactions are notoriously difficult to track. With RightAnswers, since we link social knowledge to traditional solutions, you have a complete record of all the interactions with your customers.

RightAnswers integrates with third-party forums, such as Yammer or Chatter, that may be popular in your organization, and provides built-in social communities where knowledge creators, agents and customers can help each other. Knowledge shared through any social forum can be easily captured and included in your knowledgebase.

Social feedback enhances the knowledge with information added by your community, plus helps rank solutions by their usefulness as indicated in the feedback.

Gamification is another social aspect of RightAnswers. Knowledge authors engage in friendly competition and are rated and ranked by the quality and usefulness of the solutions they create, and agents and customers receive points or rewards based on knowledge usage. Gamification increases engagement with knowledge and keeps the knowledge fresh while boosting morale and productivity.