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RightAnswers Community increases productivity across the enterprise

Empower employees to connect, collaborate and contribute knowledge

Think about how most employees and teams collaborate at the workplace today. It’s mostly by email and maybe an instant messenger tool.

Companies are turning to social communities to improve productivity and create reusable knowledge that benefits the rest of the team or company.

RightAnswers Community discussions form a “social intranet” that gives context to each piece of content and helps people connect with each other. It includes everyone who needs to be involved, and enables them to ask questions, attach documents, images and links, and share knowledge. RightAnswers Community provides a central place to communicate across the company and address any issues.

Use RightAnswers Community to create broad communities for the entire organization to collaborate, as well as private communities for specific teams or topics.


RightAnswers Community for support agents improves your customer service

A community is a great way for support agents to learn and collaborate on resolving customer services issues. Peer-to-peer support helps agents provide faster answers to your customers. Newer agents benefit from the knowledge of more senior agents. A vibrant agent community:

  • reduces the learning curve and training time for new agents
  • increases agent retention
  • reduces time-to-resolution
  • improves first call resolution (FCR) rates

Integration with your CRM, ITSM or other ticketing system enables support agents to easily link answers in the RightAnswers Community to open tickets, simplifying the workflow. Discussions in RightAnswers Community are searchable and can be updated anytime with new and better answers.


Create multiple communities

Can your software developers share helpful advice on writing code? Can your sales reps benefit from each other’s knowledge about a specific vertical market?

Make it easy for teams and departments such as Sales, Marketing, HR, Product Development and others, to:

  • share and find information
  • communicate and collaborate on projects and initiatives