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Customer Experience

A good reputation isn’t just a nice-to-have. It’s vital to increasing your profitability and ensuring your company’s long-term success. An essential element in establishing a good reputation is providing great customer service – and this is what SmartService™ is all about.

To provide a great customer service experience, you have to give customers what they’re looking for:customer service software

  • Access to service any way they want
  • Knowledge in a variety of formats, including video
  • Fast resolution of their issues
  • No unpleasant surprises
  • Proof that you care

When you are delivering SmartService, customers have multiple ways to request service, including Web Self-Service, Mobile Self-Service, Email Knowledge Response as well as through your agents or social communities.

Through our Knowledge 1st approach that recognizes knowledge as the basic building block of support and ensures your knowledgebase is populated with updated, relevant knowledge, RightAnswers delivers answers fast – no matter which channel the customer uses for service. FAQs and favorites offer answers to common questions, speeding the time to resolution.

We teach and aid you with knowledge best practices so your knowledge is written clearly and consistently, making it easy for customers to understand the solution. Our knowledge authors follow these same guidelines when creating knowledge for you, so you are assured your customers are receiving consistent, correct answers across the board.

Forums and social communities break down the barriers between you and your customers, and easy access to information in a friendly user-interface show you care about the customers you serve.

All the elements of SmartService combine to provide positive customer experiences. Our clients who deliver SmartService consistently improve their customer satisfaction and net promoter scores.

Get SmartService to gain happier customers – and more referrals to new customers.