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Email Knowledge Response instantly replies to email queries

Is email your most expensive support channel? Not anymore!

You can’t dictate the way your customers want to contact your service organization, and the sad truth is that some customers prefer email – notoriously the most expensive and slowest support channel!


Look Ma, no hands!

With RightAnswers Email Knowledge Response, gone are the back-and-forths and delays normally associated with email support. You provide solutions fast, without the intervention of a support agent.

Email Knowledge Response is an automated system that reads the subject line and body of the email and instantly returns to the sender a list of likely answers. What’s so great about it?

  • Your customers quickly and easily receive the information they need
  • Customers use a communication channel they’re comfortable with
  • You deflect emails from the contact center or service desk, enhancing your productivity
  • No need to open a new case or ticket