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guide customers to the results they need

Search Assistant leads customers to the right answer

Search Assistant takes the guesswork out of searching

Did you ever want conduct a search but didn’t know where to start? Or get so many results that you can’t find the one you need? Or maybe your search term doesn’t yield results at all.

Search assistantOur Search Assistant understands the context of what your customers need. If they receive too many results, click on multiple answers or just seem lost, the Search Assistant automatically steers them in the right direction.

The Search Assistant offers a more conversational search experience, with visual clues of where to click and type. It’s an interactive tool that’s always on and looking out for your customers using Web self-service.

It’s also instrumental in reducing training time for your agents, enabling even your newest agents to be as effective as your most seasoned.


People search for knowledge in different ways, and it’s our business to make sure that your agents, end-users and customers quickly find what they’re looking for.

Other ways RightAnswers guides everyone to the correct answer

  • Personalized search, including natural language and semantic search
  • Extensive filters for laser-focused results
  • Federated search that pulls relevant results from all your sources
  • Decision trees that ask you a series of questions to steer you in the right direction
  • RightPath solutions that lead you step-by-step to achieve a specific results, marking progress along the way, so you can easily pick up where you left off