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instant answers, always in context

Knowledge Spotlight delivers answers inside your application or website

Online help provides effortless support

Online Help videoKnowledge Spotlight delivers knowledge to help your customers when and where they need it most – right in your own applications. It provides online help in the context of what the customer is doing in your application or website, providing a superior customer experience.

Think of it as fast food – but loaded with nutritious ingredients! Instant access to a full self-service experience is just a click away, resolving issues the moment they appear.


Knowledge Spotlight:

  • Brings answers relevant to the screen on which the customer is working
  • Saves customers time and effort
  • Reduces calls to your contact center or service desk

Implementing Knowledge Spotlight couldn’t be easier: Create, configure and add it to you site in five minutes or less!

A consistent support experience

Since Knowledge Spotlight pulls solutions from the central Enterprise Knowledge Hub:

  • You are assured of providing accurate, consistent answers over every support channel
  • There’s no duplication of effort by your knowledge authors

As with all RightAnswers support channels, Knowledge Spotlight elicits feedback about the helpfulness of the solution, for continuous improvement of the knowledge.

All Knowledge Spotlight activity is included in RightAnswers reports, providing insight on user behavior and the metrics you need to manage your knowledge strategy.