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Web Self-Service improves the customer service experience

Build a customer self-service portal worthy of your brand

The majority of customers today want to find their own answers. Give them the power! RightAnswers’ Web Self-Service brings knowledge to your customers’ fingertips. By offering RightAnswers Web Self-Service you’ll:

  • Provide a better customer experience
  • Reduce the number of phone calls to your contact center or service desk
  • Improve service levels due to lower call volume
  • Reduce wait times


Today, Corptax’s customers rave about their self-service experience with the Corptax self-service portal. Knowledge management engine that can filter searches based on persona-based requests (specific audience) has dramatically improved the customer experience.

– Lloyd Howlett, VP Support & Customer Operations, Corptax

Customizable to your needs

Web self-serviceThe RightAnswers web self-service portal delivers your customized brand experience along with the information your customers need to answer their questions. Totally configurable, you can decide to display information such as FAQs, Announcements, Favorites and more, to help customers quickly find the answers and to deliver an experience they will love.

RightAnswers is designed to provide a central knowledge base for all of your enterprise support knowledge, and you can earmark which knowledge is available in the customer self-service portal.

Providing IT support? Knowledge-Paks® supplement your knowledge

If you are focused on providing great support from your IT service desk, you can boost your knowledge base with RightAnswers Knowledge-Paks, our extensive library of knowledge for tech support that includes solutions targeted to web self-service. This is in addition to the unique company knowledge residing in your knowledge base, networks and drives.