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empower everyone to create knowledge

Social communities integrate with your traditional knowledge
for peer-to-peer support

Adding Social to Service

Access all knowledge, including social knowledge, in one place

Your customers have a wealth of information about your product. Why not augment your workforce by enabling them to resolve other customers’ issues?

And your employees need advice and guidance, and to collaborate on projects. Give them a place to ask their peers for help and to work together.

RightAnswers Community improves the customer experience by giving customers a place to discuss and answer their own questions, with answers made available to all customers. In effect, customers become an extension of your customer service team!

RightAnswers Community can be deployed stand-alone or as part of a larger enterprise knowledge strategy.


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Customer communities deliver answers from the community and other enterprise sources in the same interface, for a broader access to knowledge. It integrates with the RightAnswers Agent Portal so customer service agents can jump into discussions when necessary and promote the right answers to the company knowledgebase. Automated alerts and a seamless escalation to agents improve the customer experience.



Employee communities provide a central place for everyone to collaborate and offer a communication platform for many purposes: team discussions, private project groups, and more, to heighten collaboration and create a more effective enterprise.


Infographic RightAnswers CommunityView the infographic for the benefits of employee and customer communities