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RightAnswers Enterprise Knowledge Software supports and encourages a knowledge sharing culture


The knowledge culture in your business

One of the biggest challenges we see in customer service organizations is the lack of a knowledge-sharing culture.

Many don’t even recognize this as a challenge. After all, no one wakes up in the middle of the night screaming, “I need a knowledge culture in my business!” But we’ve often seen the effect of a lack of a knowledge-first culture on a customer service organization.

We know it’s hard to convince your best agents that it’s in their best interest to share their knowledge with the rest of the organization. That sharing what they know makes them even more valuable. That it gives them time to do what they do best: Create knowledge and solve more customer problems.

The KCS JourneyClick to view the infographic about the KCS journey

We also know it’s daunting to implement a new way of doing things at the same time you’re considering a new technology.

KCS Results

The RightAnswers Client Success team has KCS-Certified trainers, and we offer KCS training as well as knowledge management best practice training to our clients. They’ve helped hundreds of clients who’ve been similarly daunted before they derived the benefits of the methodology and our technology.

RightAnswers technology supports and encourages a knowledge-sharing culture. Combined with adoption of a tactical, goals-based methodology, Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS), that’s designed to foster a knowledge-sharing culture, RightAnswers can have a massive, transformational impact on your customer service business. The RightAnswers Enterprise Knowledge Hub is KCS certified, with out of the box features such as gamification and automated article quality that drive adoption of your knowledge initiatives.

The result is higher customer satisfaction, higher agent satisfaction and lower support costs.

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