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RightAnswers Enterprise Knowledge Software simplifies and elevates your customer service experience


For every customer service organization

Like many of our clients, your customer service organization may be large and complex. This could be due to acquisitions or the sheer volume of products and services you offer. It could be due to the need to support your customers in multiple languages in different geographies. You may have several contact centers in different locations. Your customers expect to be able to resolve their own problems through self-service on their channel of choice.

RightAnswers supports clients with tens of thousands of agents, millions of customers, and hundreds of millions of searches.

With RightAnswers Enterprise Knowledge software, knowledge for all of your products and services is available at every agent’s fingertips, turning each of them into a subject matter expert. The result is reduced agent training time, and increased customer satisfaction scores while reducing support costs.

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We put the Success into Client Success!

The RightAnswers Client Success team are experts in knowledge management. They’re certified in Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS), and they’ve helped our over 500 clients successfully launch their knowledge management projects. They work closely with you throughout your knowledge journey with RightAnswers so that you get the most out of our technology.

RightAnswers product suite

The RightAnswers Enterprise Knowledge Center

With our Enterprise Knowledge Hub you can create or import content into a living, growing and easily maintainable knowledge base. It makes it easier for your employees to find the answers to customers’ questions, quickly.

RightAnswers Enterprise Search indexes content from your knowledge base and other content repositories so that your agents and customers can find exactly what they’re looking for, quickly, easily, and the first time.

RightAnswers Community turns your customers into an extended support team who can answer each other’s questions. And those answers can then be promoted to your knowledge base so everyone can benefit.

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