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RightAnswers increases agent efficiency

Provide your agents with a better experience and keep them engaged

RightAnswers Agent Portal provides a great experience for agents and increases adoption of your knowledge base. It presents agents with everything they need on one screen, making them more productive and their job easier.


RightAnswers-Agent-Portal-for-ServiceNowAgent Portal inline integration with ServiceNow

The RightAnswers Integration Framework connects RightAnswers to your other enterprise systems, such as your Salesforce, ServiceNow or other CRM and ITSM. It creates one seamless environment and streamlines the work for your agents. Inline integration with these systems means that agents have a view of RightAnswers inside the applications they normally use to do their work.


Gamification built into RightAnswers keeps agents engaged with your knowledge. They create new knowledge when needed and update knowledge to keep it fresh. Make sure to gamify the right behaviors – such as awarding points when others reuse their articles or for attaching articles to cases and tickets.


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According to the KCS and knowledge best practices, everyone in the organization should participate in knowledge creation. And the best people to create your knowledge are your agents, people who work with it and with your customers every day. RightAnswers Solution Manager knowledge creation tool provides templates and tools for agents to create many types of knowledge, including decision trees and videos.