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find knowledge wherever it resides

Enterprise Search displays knowledge from all your sources

Find knowledge anywhere

Deliver all your enterprise knowledge in a single view

Every company has knowledge. And it’s stored all over the place:

  • Internal network drives and cloud drives
  • Applications such as SharePoint, Salesforce, ServiceNow and Office 365
  • Corporate email, either onsite or in the cloud
  • Intranets and external websites
  • Traditional relational and NoSQL databases
  • Social forums such as Jive, Lithium, RightAnswers Community and Yammer




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Enterprise Search

RightAnswers Enterprise Search integrates with any third-party system and delivers a consolidated view of all your knowledge. In a single search, it crawls all your sources to deliver the relevant knowledge.

RightAnswers serves up enterprise knowledge in all formats, such as Word docs, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, file shares, existing knowledge bases, videos, etc. It presents a unified search indexing and ranking of all the knowledge by relevancy. Identifying each knowledge type and source makes it simple for your employees to select exactly what they need.


RightAnswers Enterprise Search is secure. User permissions not only determine who can open documents; they also determine which documents appear in the indexed search results. You can limit knowledge sources or individual articles and documents to specific departments, and determine which articles can be viewed through customer self-service.


Enterprise Search security


Connectors Enterprise Search

RightAnswers Enterprise Search comes out-of-the-box with more than 30 connectors for network drives, emails, intranets, websites, databases and applications including SharePoint, Office 365, and many others.

RightAnswers seamlessly embeds into CRM and ITSM systems such as Salesforce, ServiceNow and BMC. That means your support agents and other employees search for knowledge in the same interface they use for their daily work.

We also provide custom connectors. Talk to us about your other enterprise applications and we’ll get it connected.