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intelligent search

Enterprise Search that gets smarter over time and provides the business intelligence you need

Insights and built-in intelligence

We speak your language. And theirs.

Through natural language processing (NLP), text analytics and machine learning, we turn your enterprise search into a living, breathing thing that evolves as it’s used – getting answers fast and at low cost

  • Extracts entities and concepts based on the content
  • Understands the user’s intent
  • Learns which answers are the most useful and boosts their relevance


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Intelligent Knowledge Builder

Do you possess all the knowledge you need?

Patented Intelligent Knowledge Builder™ technology detects gaps in your knowledge and automatically begins the process of creating the missing knowledge article. It takes a proactive approach to knowledge management by evaluating the demand for knowledge from all your support channels.

RightAnswers’ Intelligent Knowledge Builder continuously expands your knowledge based on your users’ knowledge needs, achieving greater customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

Gain insights on knowledge usage

Enterprise Search comes with a multitude of reports out-of-the-box so you can track knowledge usage, resolution rates and more.

By tracking and reporting on the most popular knowledge across your organization, RightAnswers provides a prioritized list of items that you should consider converting to native knowledge to share with additional audiences, to improve your overall customer service.

In addition, customers can build an unlimited number of custom reports based on any parameters.




Gamification eBook

Gamification drives the right behaviors

RightAnswers provides out-of-the-box gamification to promote your business goals, such as increasing the usage of Enterprise Search by your employees and customers. You determine the point values based on the behaviors you want to promote.

The more people use Enterprise Search, the smarter it will become, since it learns from people’s successful searches. It will boost the knowledge that answered the question, giving an even better experience over time. Employees will be more productive, efficient and engaged, and customers will be happier.

When customers find the answers they’re looking for, satisfaction increases while support costs go down. Use gamification to encourage your customers to resolve their own issues