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less searching, more doing

With Enterprise Search you’ll find answers faster

Spend less time searching

Do your employees and customer support agents spend hours a day looking for the information they need to do their job? Have you ever heard, “I know we have that information somewhere, I just don’t know where”?

Indeed, as much as 23% of your employees’ time is spent searching for answers.

RightAnswers Enterprise Search improves your employees’ productivity and satisfaction by presenting the right answers the first time:

  • Indexes and displays knowledge from all your sources in a single view, ranked by relevance
  • Eliminates the need to learn how to use multiple applications, reducing training time for all employees, and in particular for customer support agents
  • Speeds up the time to resolve an issue, reducing customer support costs
  • Deflects calls and inquiries from your support desk and contact center

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Flexible deployment

RightAnswers Enterprise Search scales to meet the needs of the largest enterprises, with the ability to index and quickly search more than a billion documents.

RightAnswers Enterprise Search offers seamless ecosystem integrations and flexible deployment options. You can roll out RightAnswers Enterprise Search on-premise or in the cloud: