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Accelerate your IT support with knowledge management
integrated with BMC Remedyforce

Resolve issues faster with RightAnswers integrated with BMC Remedyforce

RightAnswers is the validated knowledge management solution for BMC Remedyforce Service Desk and is also part of the Salesforce AppExchange.

RightAnswers knowledge management becomes a part of your organization’s operational workflow, making it second nature for your support agents and users, who resolve issues faster using our Agent Portal, Web Self-Service and Mobile Self-Service.

Knowledge management touches every IT and business initiative you have. Think about the last time you upgraded an application or operating system, launched a new product, or changed email systems. If you had to make similar changes:

  • Can you handle the increase in calls and emails?
  • How will your users react?
  • Will they be happy, productive and satisfied?
  • Basically, can you ensure that each aspect of your project will be successful?


RightAnswers protects your knowledge management and self-service investments

RightAnswers integrates with other BMC products, and easily migrates your knowledge from one BMC ITSM to another. You can retain all of your knowledge, processes and workflows so there is no cost or service impact if you decide to move to another BMC ITSM solution.

Reach new levels of support across your organization

RightAnswers empowers BMC Remedyforce service desks to improve the support experience and agent efficiency.

  • remedyforce SearchInline integration with Remedyforce – agents find answers and attach them to tickets inside their BMC application
  • Pre-populated knowledge base of more than 100,000 current articles on more than 500 software applications, including NOC and BYOD
  • Intuitive templates and editor to easily create effective knowledge and edit existing knowledge
  • Powerful, federated search of  all your existing knowledge, structured and unstructured, including documents of all kinds
  • Delivered via the cloud or available on-premise
  • Used by more than six million users around the globe