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Optimize your customer service with RightAnswers
knowledge management integrated with Salesforce

Increase customer satisfaction through knowledge

RightAnswers seamlessly integrates with Salesforce to give you the best combination of knowledge management and case management.

Salesforce AppExchangeRightAnswers, available on the AppExchange, provides highly targeted search results, so agents resolve issues faster, improving the productivity of the contact center. RightAnswers’ Enterprise Knowledge Hub shares knowledge throughout your organization to enhance efficiencies.

The RightAnswers platform offered us the most flexibility to design a system that would best meet our customers’ needs, while their implementation team remained dedicated to getting us up and running as quickly as possible.

– Bill Vergantino, President and CEO of ExpenseWatch

Unique RightAnswers capabilities that extend the power of Salesforce

Since RightAnswers’ goal is to improve the customer service you provide, we invest in developing advanced tools that focus on the customer experience. For example:

  • Self-service channels – RightAnswers gives customers more ways to
    Salesforce CRM and RightAnswers knowledge management explainer video

    See how RightAnswers integrated with Salesforce enhances your customer service

    quickly get answers to their problems, while deflecting calls from the contact center. Your customers get answers the way they want – via email, mobile device, your website, social sites and forums, or on the phone with a live agent.

  • Knowledge federation – RightAnswers has the integrated ability to perform a federated search outside your knowledge base and incorporate that knowledge into your results. There’s no need to negotiate with a third party or worry about version compatibility.
  • Video creation – Built into RightAnswers is a video creation tool that lets your customer service representatives create and edit videos directly in our software, even in real time while speaking with a customer. Videos are increasing in importance in customer service, and can easily show aspects of a product or a screen sequence. Videos created in RightAnswers are stored directly in the knowledge base, and you search for and deliver them like any other solution. In addition, you can store in RightAnswers any other videos and solutions in any other format.
  • Intelligent Knowledge Builder – This patented technology keeps your knowledge base complete and up-to-date by detecting gaps in your knowledge and prompting you to create new knowledge articles to fill
    RightAnswers knowledge management for Salesforce

    Inline integration means your agents search the RightAnswers knowledge base from their Salesforce interface.

    those gaps.

  • Decision Trees – For both customers and agents, this solution type provides guided help to step them through a process to get to the result.
  • Gamification – Motivates your agents and knowledge workers to keep the knowledge up-to-date, improving the experience for your customers.
  • No size limitation – There is no limit to the size of your knowledge base with RightAnswers, so it scales with you as you roll out new products and services and need to expand your knowledge.
  • Client Success program – RightAnswers not only teaches you best practices, but implements them together with you. RightAnswers provides a unique Client Success program to ensure you deliver and maintain an effective strategy for knowledge, self-service adoption and ongoing usage. The Client Success team starts off with a detailed onboarding plan customized to your installation and provides consultancy throughout the life of our relationship.


RightAnswers is KCS Verified V5 for its software and processes. Built-in workflows and best practices keep the knowledgebase up-to-date, so you’re assured that agents and customers are finding the best answers.

Through social aspects of RightAnswers, it’s easy to add knowledge contributed by your community and to update existing knowledge with their comments.