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Enterprise Search and Knowledge-Paks for ServiceNow finds knowledge wherever it resides


Enterprise Search and Knowledge-Paks for ServiceNow

Spend less time searching

If you need a better way to search for knowledge in ServiceNow, RightAnswers has the solution.

RightAnswers Enterprise Search and Knowledge-Paks for ServiceNow seamlessly integrates with the ServiceNow knowledge base to provide:

  • Powerful search that brings relevant results from all your sources
  • Streamlined processes for your support agents
  • More effective self-service
  • Pre-packaged knowledge solutions for IT support

Increase agent productivity

RightAnswers-Agent-Portal-for-ServiceNow RightAnswers Certified Inline Integration into ServiceNow

  • Finds relevant answers in the knowledge base, networks and drives, and in third-party applications such as SharePoint, Confluence and Jira
  • Integrates seamlessly with ServiceNow
  • Support agents find knowledge and link articles to tickets in a single interface
  • Eliminates post-call administration work through the ability to copy solutions to incidents in one click
  • Add, fix or flag knowledge in one click, directly on the ServiceNow screen
  • Provide more effective search results for your customers and end-users

Empower your customers and end-users

  • Self-service that’s successful 89% of the time
  • Provide a better customer expereince
  • Reduce calls to your contact center or service desk
  • Get employees back to productivity faster

RightAnswers Enterprise Search

Bolster your knowledge with RightAnswers Knowledge-Paks

Knowledge-Paks IT support knowledgeA few of the applications covered by RightAnswers Knowledge-Paks

  • You save time on knowledge creation
  • Contains more than 90,000 pre-packaged knowledge articles for IT support
  • Covers more than 600 commonly used applications and devices, and growing
  • Multi-lingual, available in more than a dozen languages
  • Eliminates opening a new incident

See RightAnswers Knowledge-Paks for ServiceNow for additional knowledge services available from RightAnswers.

Do you need a better way of creating knowledge articles? The authoring tool in RightAnswers Enterprise Knowledge Hub for ServiceNow provides advanced tools that enable your knowledge authors to create consistent, high-quality knowledge.