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Elevate your support with pre-packaged knowledge and knowledge services for the ServiceNow environment

Knowledge-Paks for ServiceNow

RightAnswers is the recognized leader in the creation of knowledge for technical support

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RightAnswers Knowledge-Paks for ServiceNow populates your ServiceNow knowledge base with articles on popular off-the-shelf applications and commonly used devices, saving you time on knowledge creation.

RightAnswers is the recognized leader in the creation of knowledge for technical support. Millions of users and thousands of support agents worldwide rely on RightAnswers knowledge for consistently correct answers and solutions.

Bolster your knowledge with RightAnswers Knowledge-Paks

  • Save time on knowledge creation
  • Get more than 90,000 pre-packaged knowledge articles for IT support covering more than 600 commonly used applications and devices, and growing
  • Solutions are clear, consistent, easy to follow and easy to find
  • Multi-lingual, available in more than a dozen languages

Knowledge-Paks IT support knowledgeA few of the applications covered by RightAnswers Knowledge-Paks

RightAnswers knowledge is better written and more consistent than what we tried to write ourselves, and the time-savings is huge. The detail is sufficient to avoid opening an incident, which is our main goal.

– Rob Pickering, VP Information Services, AAA Allied Group

Additional knowledge services from the experts

knowledge service for servicenow RightAnswers knowledge loaded into ServiceNow.
Agents search for knowledge and add solutions to tickets all in the same interface.

Additional knowledge services available with RightAnswers Knowledge-Paks for ServiceNow:

  • Knowledge conversion and migration, including formatting and tagging
  • Knowledge maintenance
  • Custom knowledge creation
  • Translation services

Gain from a Client Success team that accompanies you for the duration

Our complimentary Client Success program accompanies you for the duration:

  • Keeps your knowledge base up-to-date
  • Teaches you best practices, including KCS
  • Helps with adoption
  • Provides ongoing training and mentoring
  • Drives your knowledge program and ensures its success
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RightAnswers’ team of licensed KCS trainers delivers the highest level of KCS certification

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