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high-tech? it’s high time for rightanswers!

Knowledge management and customer service software for
high-tech companies

Your organization is dynamic. RightAnswers keeps up!

Your organization is constantly evolving. To provide consistent and effective customer service, your knowledge must evolve with you as you launch new products and release new versions.

RightAnswers is used effectively by dozens of high-tech companies to provide consistently superior customer experiences even through times of major change.

High-tech companies appreciate RightAnswers for its:

  • Ease of use and intuitive interface
  • Best practices in knowledge creation, for developing the most effective knowledge for customer service and support
  • KCS Verified V5 software that offers the most flexible creation of knowledge, as needed to satisfy customer issues
  • Enterprise Knowledge Hub that displays knowledge from the knowledge base and from other enterprise applications, networks and drives

Some of the high-tech and technology companies using RightAnswers:


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RightAnswers provides a centralized source for all enterprise knowledge, accessible by everyone in the organization. This aids sharing and collaboration and makes the entire organization more efficient.

For example, the QA department may create knowledge for its own needs that can help resolve customer service issues – so the knowledge is ready and waiting when the customer calls.