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Knowledge management solutions tailored to higher education

Colleges and universities use RightAnswers knowledge management for customer service and IT support

Due to RightAnswers’ solutions specifically geared to higher education, more than 60 colleges and universities around the world use RightAnswers to manage their knowledge and provide support to their students, faculty and staff.

RightAnswers recognizes that institutions of higher learning face several unique challenges, such as:

  • 25% turnover in the user community every year
  • Students working as support agents
  • Supporting a plethora of hardware types and configurations
  • Giving fast and easy access to knowledge to diverse audiences such as on-campus students, dispersed campuses, distance learners, faculty and staff


RightAnswers caters to higher education

communityMany aspects of RightAnswers knowledge management improve support at institutions of higher education. RightAnswers’ Web Self-Service provides an intuitive experience and successful search results, ensuring repeat usage and deflecting issues from the support agents. This is especially important during peak times of support, such as at the beginning of the semester.

FAQs and Favorites in both self-service and the Agent Portal speed the time to resolution and reduce training time for support agents by 60% on average.

Today’s students use their mobile devices as their prime means of communication and link to the web. RightAnswers delivers mobile self-service capabilities so they have access to information wherever they are and whenever they need it. RightAnswers provides 24×7 support via web self-service and mobile self-service portals.

Our college and university clients leverage the RightAnswers Knowledge-Paks®, pre-packaged knowledge solutions on the hardware software applications used by students, faculty and staff. Knowledge-Paks includes education-oriented titles such as Angel® Learning, Blackboard™, WebCT™, Jenzabar®, SCT Banner®, and apps widely used by students such as iTunes and various Mac® platforms.

Some of our clients in higher education:


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Sharing knowledge across all departments

RightAnswers’ Enterprise Knowledge Hub expands support beyond IT by delivering knowledge from other departments – such as the Registrar, Bursar, Human resources and Admissions – with access to the relevant audiences, based on permissions.