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Dashboards provide key performance indicators at a glance

Gain insight into the health of your knowledge base

knowledge management dashboard

The Executive Dashboard indicates the effectiveness of your knowledge and how well it’s being used

Dashboard reports provide a quick summary of key knowledge management indicators across your organization. They offer insights into the health of your knowledge base and provide information on knowledge base usage, effectiveness and adoption across your range of knowledge users. RightAnswers provides four dashboards:

  • Executive dashboard
  • Customer dashboard
  • Operations dashboard
  • Knowledge dashboard


Dashboards cover the activity in every aspect of your knowledge base, reporting on the progress of your:

  • Knowledge authors
  • Support agents
  • Customers
  • The entire organization

Some key dashboard metrics:

  • Adoption – includes number of searches and views
  • Effectiveness – did the knowledge solve the issues?
  • Utilization – the percentage of your solutions accessed and useful
  • Aging – freshness of the knowledge and reviews needed
  • KCS℠ – metrics on how many solutions were flagged and fixed
  • Loyalty – the number of repeat self-service users and frequency of visits on your various channels
  • ROI – metrics on tickets created and resolved and calls avoided to measure the cost of your service

For additional analytics, RightAnswers offers more than 40 different standard reports and an unlimited number of custom reports – which can be stored, reused and exported in any format.