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measure success any way you want

Report Builder creates custom reports

Slice and dice data any way you like, in an intuitive interface

RightAnswers offers more than 40 standard reports, and the majority of our clients rely on these for their reporting needs. But if you need to measure something different, you can do that, too.

Report Builder lets you easily create custom reports on the data captured throughout the knowledge management and customer service processes. There’s virtually no limit to the types of reports you can define.


Custom reports can combine data from multiple sources, such as:

Analyze any cross-section of information and gain comprehensive business intelligence.

Ultimate flexibility

Custom reports can be personalized to more easily find the information you’re looking for. For example, you can:

  • Show only the fields that interest you
  • Add granularity and details using filters and sortable columns

Report Builder saves reports for reuse. Run or schedule reports at any time. Or export them in any format to a third-party data warehousing or reporting tool such as Google Analytics to incorporate data from RightAnswers and other sources into your reports.