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empower your employees

RightAnswers self-service portals empower your employees to find the answers

Web self-service and mobile self-service get your staff back to productivity fast

Employee satisfaction is an important driver of company productivity and profitability. Giving employees access to IT support can help remove frustrations and get employees back to being productive.

  • RightAnswers Web Self-Service brings all the knowledge employees need to their fingertips. The powerful search plus FAQs, Announcements, Favorites, most popular and more deliver an experience your employees will come back for.
  • RightAnswers Mobile Self-Service enables employees to search for knowledge on their preferred device.

client successWeb and mobile self-service can be loaded with our Knowledge-Paks® library of technical support knowledge, targeted to self-service. Knowledge-Paks provide more than 100,000 solutions on more than 500 of the most commonly used software applications.

By providing an easy way for employees to resolve their own issues, you will reduce the number of calls to your service desk while providing a better support experience.

Advantages of offering employees RightAnswers self-service:

  • 80% more successful self-service searches
  • 37% fewer end-user education calls to the service desk
  • 89% end-user satisfaction


Students leveraged the self-help portal with its 24/7 availability for most of their support needs (over 23,000 solutions viewed) during the transition. …we were able to maintain the level of service we provide for all of our other solutions – something we couldn’t have done without the RightAnswers self-help portal.

– Nathan Eatherton, Service Desk Manager at the University of Missouri

Share Knowledge from Every Department to Enhance the Employee Experience

Your employees require knowledge beyond just IT support. RightAnswers’ Enterprise Knowledge Hub provides a centralized repository for your collective knowledge.

Departments beyond IT, such as Human Resources, Finance and Facilities can contribute knowledge to RightAnswers, and you can control how it is accessed from a single self-service portal.