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Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) Edition

Built-in Processes Follow KCS Best Practices

Knowledge-Centered Support kcs v5We have found that clients who employ a methodology for knowledge management are more successful and have better results than those who don’t.

Knowledge-Centered Support (KCSSM) is the preeminent methodology for knowledge creation and maintenance. From our experience, it is an extremely effective methodology, and we have chosen to support KCS to help our clients achieve the highest level of success.

The RightAnswers KCS Edition is KCS Verified V5. It makes KCS processes an integral part of your workflow through a combination of:

  • Technology – our software includes more than 70 built-in KCS processes and our workflows conform to KCS guidelines
  • 90-day KCS onboarding – we have honed our implementation process to get you KCS-compliant with 75% of KCS processes within 90 days. Our Client Success team continues to work with you on ongoing adoption of KCS and other knowledge best practices
  • KCS training – RightAnswers is the only software company that is certified to offer KCS Fundamentals V5 training, testing and certification, the highest level of KCS certification that one can achieve

KCS is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™.

Benefits of KCS

consortium-for-service-innovation-logoKCS not only improves customer satisfaction, but also improves employee satisfaction and increases efficiencies and productivity throughout the enterprise. Our clients who use KCS for support:

  • improve their productivity and efficiency
  • increase their first-call resolution rates
  • reduce average call time
  • increase both customer and employee satisfaction