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90 days
to KCS℠

RightAnswers is KCS Verified V5 and
gets you up and running on KCS fast

Nobody supports your KCS practices better than RightAnswers

RightAnswers software is Knowledge-Centered Support (KCSSM) Verified V5, with built-in KCS processes that simplify conformance to KCS.

We have developed a phased approach to ease the adoption of Knowledge-90-day KCS onboardingCentered Support (KCS) across our clients’ organizations. In the first 90 days we:

  • Train and engage your teams on KCS workflows and best practices
  • Ensure high-value knowledge creation and usage
  • Implement governance to ensure ongoing success

After the initial rollout, KCS onboarding continues with ongoing coaching and performance assessment, and KCS certification.

KCS is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™.

Learn from others in a vibrant KCS community

Since our software complies with KCS, it makes it easy for our clients to adopt KCS principles. As a result, 75% of our clients use KCS to varying Green Silhouettes of Workers degrees. Some clients adhere strictly to KCS guidelines, while others pick and choose the aspects of the methodology that works for them.

RightAnswers has established an active KCS community where our clients can learn from others who have overcome KCS challenges and/or have used KCS to enhance their customer service and support.

  • KCS virtual roundtables meet every 6-8 weeks to discuss KCS adoption and best practices. The roundtables are moderated by a RightAnswers Client Success Manager, and the client participants select the topics and determine the course of the discussions
  • KCS forum is an active group where people share successes and seek advice from their peers on KCS-related issues