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use the proven knowledge methodology

RightAnswers knowledge management software is Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) Verified V6 – the highest level of KCS certification

Get the right knowledge to the right people at the right time

The Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) methodology presents a set of practices for managing and creating knowledge in a customer service or support environment.

The aim of KCS is to ensure that you have the knowledge you need, when you need it, geared to the audience.

When organizations follow KCS guidelines, they:

  • Create usable knowledge quickly
  • Reuse knowledge frequently
  • Benefit from a knowledge base that’s up-to-date

To benefit from KCS, you need more than a vendor that merely aligns itself with KCS. You need knowledge management software that is KCS Verified V6, the highest level of KCS implementation.


Committed to KCS

Our commitment to KCS goes beyond ensuring that our product supports the latest KCS best practices.

We are a member of the Consortium for Service Innovation, and are participating in the committee working to define the evolving KCS guidelines. We are able to contribute from the experience we’ve gained by helping our more than 450 clients achieve long-term success with knowledge management and KCS.


KCS processes built into RightAnswers

RightAnswers software has KCS processes built in, and our workflows conform to KCS guidelines. Here are just a few examples:

  • Role-based permissions conform to KCS guidelines
  • Configurable templates structure the knowledge so the most important information is included in the knowledge article
  • Search results include draft, federated and unstructured sources of knowledge, to provide the most relevant results and increase knowledge reuse
  • Knowledge is improved by easily adding comments or edits to solutions

As part of our Client Success program, we train our clients on KCS best practices so they get the greatest benefit from their knowledge.