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Technology is a critical enabler of Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS℠)

You need the right technology to benefit from KCS

KCS videoKCS is an important methodology for customer service, but it would be very hard to implement without the right technology.

RightAnswers is KCS Verified V5, and KCS processes are integral to its award-winning knowledge management software. But RightAnswers goes beyond the requirement of KCS verification to extend the KCS principles of collaboration and knowledge sharing in our flagship product, the Enterprise Knowledge Hub.

We’ve developed additional capabilities that ensure your knowledge base is filled with the most comprehensive, useful knowledge, and that it’s kept current and easy to find.


Gamification drives knowledge creation and usage

RightAnswers has built-in gamification that advances KCS practices. For example, you can reward and recognize:

  • Authors and agents – for the highest UFFA (Use It, Flag It, Fix It, Add It)
  • Usage rate or for the highest number of helpful articles submitted
  • Support agents – to reuse and contribute to knowledge
  • Customers and employees – to increase the usage of your self-service portal

Knowledge Quality tool grades your knowledge

Knowledge Quality indicator

The Knowledge Quality tool indicates the overall quality of your knowledge base.

Be confident your knowledge base is populated with good knowledge. Our Knowledge Quality tool assesses your knowledge according to the KCS Article Quality Index (AQI). Points are totaled for compliance with KCS guidelines such as:

  • Content clarity
  • Correct hyperlinks
  • Proper metadata

Beyond conforming to KCS AQI, our Knowledge Quality tool automatically calculates article quality based on more than a dozen additional parameters, as well as custom parameters that you specify.


Find the Gaps in Your Knowledge

The RightAnswers patented Intelligent Knowledge Builder™ detects gaps in your knowledge according to unsuccessful searches and begins to create new knowledge articles as needed.

KCS advocates creating solutions just-in-time, based on customer needs. The Intelligent Knowledge Builder is an automated way of ensuring that results exist for questions that people are asking.

Inline Integration with the CRM or ITSM Promotes Knowledge Usage

Our integration framework seamlessly integrates with virtually any CRM, ITSM or other enterprise system. Enabling agents to find knowledge in the same interface they use for handling tickets and cases increases their engagement with your knowledge.