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steer them to the answer

Interactive knowledge such as decision trees leads your customers,
employees and support agents to the answer

Guide people to the answer, step-by-step

In the RightAnswers knowledge authoring tool, it’s easy to create interactive knowledge to engage with customers and support agents, to get them the help they need:

  • interactive knowledgeDecision trees lead the customer, employee or agent to the desired answer by asking a series of questions and providing a list of possible answers. The user is routed along the path to the desired knowledge based on the answer selected at each step.
  • RightPath solutions take the customer, employee or agent through the stages of a multi-step solution, keeping track of how far they’ve progressed. You can partially complete the solution and come back later to the same point where you left off.
  • Service Request Forms enable the customer or employee to fill out fields and submit the information so that an agent can help them.