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Intelligent Knowledge Builder™ automatically fills the gaps in your knowledge

Proactive knowledge creation keeps your knowledge initiative going strong

It’s easy to see which of your knowledge is helpful, according to usage reports. But how do you know which knowledge you’re missing? Your organization is constantly evolving – with new products, services and offerings.

Keeping your knowledge base complete on an ongoing basis is a challenge. To provide consistent and effective customer service, your knowledge must evolve along with it.


An automated approach to knowledge

To make sure you have all the knowledge you need, RightAnswers developed the patented Intelligent Knowledge Builder™. It takes a proactive approach to knowledge management by evaluating the demand for knowledge from all your support channels.

Intelligent Knowledge Builder identifies the gaps in your knowledge base, based on unsuccessful searches, and indicates solutions to be created. With RightAnswers Intelligent Knowledge Builder you will always be on top of your users’ knowledge needs, achieving greater customer satisfaction and productivity.