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boost your article quality index

Automated Knowledge Quality tool
checks article quality as you go

Populate your knowledge base with high-value knowledge

Showing your agents that your knowledge base is filled with high-quality knowledge can go a long way toward its adoption – not to mention, to providing customers with the best possible support that resolves their issues quickly.

RightAnswers’ Knowledge Quality tool ensures high-quality knowledge on an ongoing basis. It automatically calculates article quality based on more than a dozen parameters, such as:

  • Duplicates
  • Spelling
  • Article length
  • Use of multimedia
  • Use of certain fields
  • And much more


KCS Verified V5If you follow the Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) methodology, you’ll be happy to know that we include built-in KCS Article Quality Index (AQI) checks. You can select the most meaningful criteria to factor into article quality. You can combine automatic, KCS and your own custom checks on any given solution.

And you have the flexibility to define different quality checks for different types of solutions. For example, solutions for Web Self-Service may have more stringent quality requirements than for the Agent Portal.

Gamification drives knowledge quality

Each article receives a quality score, indicating articles that need improvement. Each author’s personal knowledge score appears on the dashboard of our knowledge authoring tool, indicating the quality of the articles they create, motivating them to improve.

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