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KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management 2017

KMWorld's annual list of 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management features organizations that manifest innovation, ingenuity, resourcefulness, usefulness, collaboration, community and expertise. RightAnswers is one of them.

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Monmouth University students win chatbot challenge

A trio of Monmouth University students have developed a solution to a customer service problem to win the university’s first chatbot challenge.

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Monmouth University and Edison Enterprise Knowledge Provider RightAnswers Collaborate for Chatbot Challenge

Monmouth University’s School of Science and Business School worked with Edison knowledge provider RightAnswers to host the school’s first chatbot competition.

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Monmouth students team up to improve customer service

Teams presented their customer service chatbots in a software development challenge organized by RightAnswers.

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Knowledge Management Is Not Optional

First American Title noticeably improved its customer service using RightAnswers and Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS).

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KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2016

RightAnswers is recognized for RightAnswers Community, which combines community discussions and knowledgebase solutions in one place, making it easier to find the answer.

RightAnswers Helps Customers and Support Agents Find Answers Faster

The launch of the new RightAnswers Community, a social customer service channel and social intranet tool for peer-to-peer support, will deliver customer service by leveraging their own knowledge within their community.

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RightAnswers Extends Reach of Contact Centers

RightAnswers has rolled out RightAnswers Community, a new social customer service channel and social intranet tool for peer-to-peer support.

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News: RightAnswers Extends Reach of Contact Centers with Peer-to-Peer Support Communities

In RightAnswers Community, customers help customers and agents help agents find answers faster – reducing the time agents spend on calls and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Interview: Simon Yelsky of RightAnswers Talks about the Future of Knowledge-Based Customer Support

Exciting developments in RightAnswers knowledge management technology, such as gamification and knowledge automation, enhance customer service.

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Online contextual help from RightAnswers

RightAnswers' Knowledge Spotlight provides customers with the answers they need in the context of what they are doing in an application or website.

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News: RightAnswers Online Contextual Help Brings Answers Straight to the User

RightAnswers' Knowledge Spotlight online help provides customers with answers they need in the context of your application or website.

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RightAnswers Adds Knowledge Spotlight Online Contextual Help

Giving users instant access to solutions as they are interacting with your online applications or site brings self-service straight to the user.

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RightAnswers’ Knowledge Spotlight Means Contextual Online Self-Help

RightAnswers is bringing new tools in online contextual help to make sure customers more readily find the answers they need.

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Take Off the Training Wheels and Let Your Customer Support Agents Fly

Lessons from bike riding about CX and KCS - a KMWorld Best Practices White Paper by RightAnswers CEO Jeff Weinstein (free subscription).

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RightAnswers Launches New Automated Knowledge Quality Tool

Improved knowledge quality will increase support agent adoption of the knowledge management initiative, which results in better customer service and satisfaction.

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RightAnswers Releases Automated Knowledge Quality Tool

Knowledge Quality ensures high-value knowledge creation for customer service.

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RightAnswers Releases Knowledge Quality Tool

Ensures the knowledgebase is populated with useful knowledge for customer service and support.

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RightAnswers Introduces Knowledge Gamification to Improve Customer Service

RightAnswers offers out-of-the-box gamification to enhance enterprise knowledge and improve customer service.

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Knowledge gamification from RightAnswers

RightAnswers has introduced gamification to enhance enterprise knowledge and improve customer service by driving the right behaviors.

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KMWorld 100 COMPANIES That Matter in Knowledge Management

For the fourth time, RightAnswers has been named to KMWorld's 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management for its Enterprise Knowledge Hub that enhances the customer experience.

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Analytics and reporting help drive decision to adopt KM system

ExpenseWatch has deployed a cloud-based knowledge management solution to power its Customer Satisfaction Help and Support Portal.

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Tech Trends: Knowledge Management Tools

By Simon Yelsky, RightAnswers VP, Product Management and Marketing
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