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Knowledge services can mean the difference between knowledge management failure and success

Knowledge services from RightAnswers keep up your momentum

Knowledge management is an art as well as a science. And that’s where our knowledge experts come in. Once you have the right technology in place, there are knowledge services that can accelerate your knowledge management initiative. RightAnswers provides Knowledge as a Service (KaaS) to keep your knowledge initiative on track.

RightAnswers operates as an extension of its clients’ knowledge teams and takes shared ownership of clients’ knowledge programs. Some of the knowledge management services we provide to ensure your knowledge success:

  • Knowledge authoring – our seasoned knowledge developers can create your custom knowledge, based on your needs, and deliver it in a user-friendly format
  • Pre-loaded knowledge – for IT support, our Knowledge-Paks® provide 100,000 current solutions on more than 500 of the most commonly used software applications and hardware devices
  • Knowledge conversion – we will migrate your knowledge from any knowledge base, clean it and add formatting and tagging to optimize search results and the usability of the knowledge
  • Knowledge translation – we have localized content into 11 different languages (our interface has been localized into 25 languages), and will create or translate your content into any language
  • Knowledge enrichment – we’ll categorize your custom knowledge so it’s easy to find through navigation (taxonomy management) and we’ll add keywords, synonyms, alternate symptoms, descriptions, dates, ownership and comments for more efficient knowledge retrieval (meta-tagging)
  • Training and mentoring – we teach you best practices for developing, categorizing and tagging your knowledge for ultimate usability and findability
  • Adoption best practices – we will work with you in presenting your findings to management and in increase the usage of your knowledge base across your enterprise


RightAnswers knowledge management services keep your knowledge project on track – and result in faster speed to answer, higher resolution rates and increased customer satisfaction.

There are many more opportunities for us in regards to KM. I am happy to see that Client Success did not stop once we went live. We continue to have a strong relationship with Client Success and take comfort they are there for the long-term partnership with us.

– Priscilla Peralta, Knowledge Management Specialist, Dignity Health

Start with the right technology

Knowledge management services can bolster your efforts, but the first step toward a successful knowledge initiative is using the right tool to manage your knowledge. It should make it easy for authors to create effective knowledge and for agents and customers to find what they’re looking for. Other important requirements of a good knowledge tool: